Thistle Hall was the home of Lord Haukin, but after Lord Ragnar of Fearsomeshire's death, Lord Haukin moved into

Thistle hall by ludwig goff-d2pzqvq

Fearsomeshire. Sylver, the leader of a band of outlaw weasels and a friend of Lord Haukin, became the Lord of Country Elleswhere, and the owner of Thistle Hall. After a while, Sylver and his weasel friends drifted out of Thistle Hall and once again lived in Halfmoon Wood, the woodland of Country Elleswhere. Thistle Hall is the mansion home of any animal who is the Lord of Country Elleswhere.

Appearance Edit

It is surrounded by vibrant, verdant plants and fields, and is quite ancient. Thistle hall is homely, cosy and also described as having higgledy piggledy towers.

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