Sheriff Falshed is the stoat sheriff of Welkin, under Prince Poynt. Prince Poynt is rude to him, and he enjoys bossing Falshed around. Sheriff Falshed has feelings for Princess Sibiline, in Windjammer Run, the stoat princess has feelings toward the other stoat too. Falshed has a bad temper and he is almost constantly sent on missions to capture Sylver and his band. The stoat is forced to engage in combat, usually with stoat soldiers, with Sylver and attempt to capture and excecute him. Sheriff Falshed is quite nasty, but Prince Poynt is more evil by far.


Sheriff Falshed appears in the entire Sylver arc of the Welkin Weasels series, which includes Thunder Oak, Castle Storm and Windjammer Run.


Sheriff Falshed is almost constantly chasing Sylver and his band of outlaw weasels, and he dislikes them greatly. Falshed is nasty to most animals in general, and, like most other stoats, considers himself superior to other mustelids. Later in the series, Falshed becomes much more glorious and heroic.

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