Scirf is a very scruffy male weasel. He is friends with Sylver and Sylver's band of outlaw weasels. He is audacious and he doesn't respect power at all. Scirf is extremely intelligent, the smartest weasel in Sylver's band along with Bryony.

Scirf joined Sylver's band when he helped the band escape a dangerous situation, they were captured by an evil boar called Karnac. He followed the band on all of their adventures and he stayed with them when they lived in Halfmoon Wood at the end of the series. He soon became bored of living in the woodland though, so he became a watchmammal and, after that, a pedlar.


Scirf appeared in every book in the Sylver trilogy which consists of Thunder Oak, Castle Storm and Windjammer Run. Scirf didn't appear in the Monty trilogy, Gaslight Geezers, Vampire Voles and Heastward Ho!, but his descendant, Scruff, did.


Scirf loves to joke around and play tricks on his friends. He is an extremely brave weasel, insulting even the most powerful mammals. Most of the time he doesn't respect power at all, but he does respect Sylver. Scirf is also very scruffy and he often refuses to bathe. He is an extremely intelligent weasel, often saving the day with his smarts.

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