Prince Poynt is the spoiled and fickle Prince of Welkin. He dismisses Sylver's warning that the sea walls of Welkin are breaking and views the outlaws as a threat to his reign. Many mammals think that Prince Poynt organized the murder of his older brother, King Redfur, so that he could have the throne. Unlike the other stoats, his fur is always pure white, as he thinks white is a more royal colour; thus other stoats are forbidden from turning white in the winter. He is almost always complaining of being too cold, which most mammals say is psychological and because of his constantly ermine fur. Prince Poynt has a sister called Princess Sibiline, whom he looks up to and loves. He also has a sheriff called Sheriff Falshed, who does lots of work for the prince.


Prince Poynt appears in all three books of the Sylver trilogy, Thunder Oak, Castle Storm and Windjammer run. His descendant, Mayor Jeremy Poynt, appears in the following three books of the Welkin Weasels series, Gaslight Geezers, Vampire Voles and Heastward Ho!.


Prince Poynt is fickle, childish and spoilt. He is also very cruel, and he always says that he's good at everything. Poynt loves winning and hates loosing, and he bosses around and abuses other mammals, such as Sheriff Falshed.

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