Miniver is a tiny female weasel, called a finger-weasel. She is cheerful and well-liked by every member of Sylver's band. Miniver is small and stealthy, she was able to creep out of her prison to request aid when she and her friends were captured by Karnac, an evil boar intent on turning the weasels into drums.

Books Edit

Miviler appears in the entire Sylver arc of the Welkin Weasels series, which consists of Thunder Oak, Castle Storm and Windjammer Run.

Personality Edit

Miviler is cheerful, usually happy, and quite bright. She is kind to all of Sylver's band, and she is also very modest. Miviler is kind and fair and, like her friends, she despises the vicious Prince Poynt and sadistic Lord Flaggatis.

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