Icham is a male weasel in Sylver's band of weasel outlaws. He is second-in-command to Sylver, and he is Sylver's best friend. Icham is quite humorous and rebellious against evil stoats, once he covered himself in bird lime to mock Prince Poynt's white ermine fur. Icham was killed by Torca Marda, a vicious and sadistic stoat who was able to use black magic.

Books Edit

Icham appears in Thunder Oak and Castle Storm. Icham was killed in Castle Storm by Torca Marda, so he didn't appear in Windjammer Run. Sylver's band was filled with grief at his death.

Personality Edit

Icham readily fights for good, and, like the rest of Sylver's band, he despises the vicious Prince Poynt and the cruel, ghastly Lord Flaggatis. Icham loves a good, exciting adventure.

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