Dredless is a fearless male weasel who is one of the best fighters of Sylver's band. Dredless's family was slain when he was young by the evil fox Magellan. This weasel is an expert shot with darts, and is very athletic. Dredless was slain by Magellan in the mountains after attempting to kill the fox. He was shot with an arrow by Magellan, and he fell onto the ground far below. All of Sylver's band mourned Dredless's death.

Books Edit

In the first book of the Welkin Weasels series, Dredless is murdered by Magellan, so he only appears in the book Thunder Oak.

Personality Edit

Dredless is extremely courageous. He also loves adventure and is good and fair, disliking the vicious Prince Poynt and the cruel Lord Flaggatis. Dredless also harbours a deep hatred of Magellan.

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