Bryony is a female weasel in Sylver's band of outlaws. She is very kind and caring and she even feels sorry for
Windjammer-Run-port 2

Bryony is the weasel on the top right corner.

her enemies, for example, Sheriff Falshed. Bryony has a close relationship with Sylver.


Bryony appears in every book in the Monty trilogy, which is three of the six books that make up the entire Welkin Weasels series. Bryony follows the band around and helps them in their quests in the books Thunder Oak, Castle Storm and Windjammer Run. Her descendant, the veterinary surgeon Bryony Bludd, appears in the other three books of the series, Gaslight Geezers, Vampire Voles and Heastward Ho!, where she helps the descendant of Sylver in his detective work along with the descendants of Scirf and Mawk.


Bryony is extremely kind and empathic. She is friendly and kind to all the band, and has special feelings with Sylver. Bryony, from Sylver's point of view, is the smartest of all the band along with Scirf. She becomes a vegetarian after being briefly turned into a rabbit by Maghatch the evil witch mouflon, citing a new-found empathy for prey species. Bryony is outspoken sensitive and kind.

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